I am honored and excited to be awarded a Constance Saltonstall Fellowship Residency for fall of 2022. Each residency session includes the same combination of five artists and writers: one poet, one fiction or creative nonfiction writer, one photographer or filmmaker, and two visual artists.

Saltonstall offers free residencies to artists and writers who are current residents of New York State and/or one of the Indian Nations located therein. Our residencies are designed for those looking for a quiet, supportive environment in which to focus on their craft.

Saltonstall is located seven miles outside Ithaca, NY in the heart of the beautiful Finger Lakes region. The residency competition is statewide and is open to residents of New York State and/or the Indian Nations located therein. 

I am so excited to further the Repairing Mend and Lace Archive projects at the amazing Jane Street Art center (formerly 11 Jane Street) in Saugerties, NY.

April 2 - May 8, 2022

Artist Reception Saturday April 2, 4-7pm

The gallery will open at noon on April 4.

There will be a series of workshops and events throughout the exhibition, including a natural dye and pigment workshop, sewing circle, and a special event with the Brooklyn Lace Guild. Stay tuned, more info coming very soon....

11 Jane Street

Saugerties, NY 12477

(845) 217-5715


To Have and to Hold

Curators: Anna Shukeylo and Yasmeen Abdallah

March 4th - April 2nd, 2022

Opening Reception: March 4th, 6-9pm

Artists: Maria de Los Angeles, Julia Justo, Jeff Kasper, Patricia Miranda, Michela Martello, Jean Carla Rodea

Gallery: Abrazo Interno Gallery

The Clemente Center

To Have and to Hold is an exhibition of multimedia works that considers the irreplaceable touchstones and remnants of the past that our loved ones held dear, as gateways to our own destinies. Contemplating the memories collectively inherited by ancestors amongst the densely populated city of New York, the Lower East Side serves as the inspiration for this exhibition, with its rich, diverse history, activist spirit, and deep multicultural roots.

In celebration of Women’s History Month

The Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance presents the exhibition:

Women in the Heights - Up Close and Personal
Curated by Andrea Arroyo

NoMAA Gallery: 4140 Broadway (175/176 Streets) New York, NY 10033

Exhibition Dates: March 17 – April 14, 2022
In–Person Opening: March 22, 5:30-7:30pm
In–Person Artist Talk: April 5, 5:30-7:30pm

Gallery Hours: Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays, 1-5pm
or by appointment, email info@nomaanyc.org

Ysabel Abreu, Vicky Azcoitia, Patricia Bellucci, Yael Ben-Zion, Sade Boyewa El, Susan Bresler, Lyndell Brookhouse-Gil, Lisbeth Checo, Alison Cuomo, Rose Deler, Ayling Dominguez, Tiffany Dugan, Risa Ehrlich, Maria Fernandez, Sara Fisher, Beryl Goldberg, Wilhelmina Grant-Cooper, Laurence Elle Groux, Julia Justo, Andrea Kornbluth, Lilia Levin, Marne Lucas, RoughAcres/RL McKee, Patricia Miranda, Rosa Naparstek, Cathy O’Keefe, Palén Obesa, Denise Penizzotto, Sarah Quinones, Suzanne Russo, Kaé Sato, Diana Schmertz, Uniqua Simmons, Lisa Taliano, Yasuyo Tanaka, Tamara Wasserman, Devynity Wray, Ibtisam Zaman, Deborah Ziffer

(Current NYC Covid regulations apply to in-person events.)

@vickyazcoitia @patriciasuzannemiranda @ysabelstudio @wendyysa369 @artprojexpb @sadeelharlem @facesofharlem @lyndellita @lisbethmars @alison_cuomo @rosedeler @rhymeswithmean @sistaahstudio @laurenceellegroux @juliajustoart @akorn342 @marnelucas @roughacres @rosa.naparstek @palenobesa @cathyokeefenyc @denisepenizzotto @governess.j.pictures @sketchingtheheights @kaelysato @myartm.a.d.n.e.s.s @ltaliano @tamara.wasserman @devynitywray @ibtisamzaman

On View: March 5th - May 6th, 2022
Gallery hours: Monday - Friday and select Saturdays (9-5 pm), by appointment only. Book a visit!
Accompanying events 

“Growth is a spiral process, doubling back on itself, reassessing and regrouping.”
— Julia Margaret Cameron

Terrarium features work by Amanda L. Andrei, Adina Andrus, Steven Baboun, Sibley Barlow, Kristian Battell, Jenn Cacciola, Nicki Cherry, Lynden Cline, Lindsy Davis, Natalie Jauregui-Ortiz, Ruth Jeyaveeran, Susan Luss, Patricia Miranda, Jumana Mograbi, Taya Naumovich, Dana O'Malley, Allison Panzironi, Anya Rosen, Tavia Sanza, Manju Shandler, Kayo Shido, Matthew Shively, Lilian Shtereva, Theo Trotter, Sarah Valeri, and Robert Zurer.

Ice Cream Social is excited to present its inaugural group exhibition, Terrarium. It will feature work from 26 artists, spanning across a spectrum of sizes and mediums, including painting, photography, sculpture, fiber, and site-specific installations. Terrarium examines growth in all of its confounding forms, inside and outside of containment, managed and wild, protected and exposed. The works speak of growth that sometimes requires destruction or thorny discoveries. They emphasize the natural world’s proclivity to reconstruct, and the marks that changes leave behind. New presences, species, ideas, or generations may emerge, but they always retain a familiarity and irrevocable connection to what preceded them. There, a cyclical and self-nourishing system persists.

Lace and weavings engulf the unique cage gallery space at Ice Cream Social, even sprawling through to the outside of their container. Suspended paintings are backlit by window light while some hang low to the floor, thus encouraging the viewer to explore at an intimate level. Bright and saturated colors create a color scheme evocative of poisonous jungle amphibians, which are balanced with fleshy neutrals in neighboring works. Solid sculptural figures invite viewers toward the interior of the cage. The space even provides a rare opportunity to view the reverse side of some works, through the chain-link walls. The resulting vision is an unfurling collection that is both revealing and secret-bearing.

This summer I got a surprise phone call from the executive director of Northern Manhttan Arts Alliance, (NoMAA) Niria E. Leyva-Gutiérrez, PhD, and chair of the board of directors Luis A. Miranda, Jr., awarding me a substantial grant of $15,000! As a long time resident and artist in Washington Heights, and a fan and supporter of NoMAA, I was rendered speechless by this generous gift.

This grant is part of an initiative supporting artists in upper Manhattan, in partnership with Grow with Google, the Hispanic Society and the Miranda Family, and in honor of In The Heights

NoMAA is an amazing organization, check out all they make happen uptown!

Honored to receive an ArtsWestchester Individual Artist Grant for A Repairing Mend. Read more about the project and how you can participate.

Honored to present at Artists Talk on Art with my partner Christopher Kaczmarek. ATOA is the longest running artist lecture series in NYC (and the world?)

Watch the video here


ATOA website: https://www.atoanyc.org

Artist Talk March 27, 6pm

View the exhibition in 3D



Art in Isolation

Curated by HC Huỳnh

As artists and educators, we spend much of our time exploring and negotiating shared social and aesthetic experiences. Over the past year, many of us have felt isolated or compelled to use our time in isolation to make work that specifically addresses the challenges, possibilities, and contradictions of the inverse: solitary experience in the current cultural moment. We invite artists to submit work for an open call, virtual gallery exhibition, “Art in Isolation”. Submissions should address the contemporary Covid 19 quarantine experience or related social and psychological issues.

The Art School Pedagogy 2.0 Zoomposium is sponsored by The Art and Art Education Program, Teachers College, Columbia University and the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).  

Beatrice Carey, Jack Cheetham, Jonas Criscoe, Bradley Dever Treadway, Ronald Gonzalez
Jeremy Jones, Clare Khambu, Wansoo Kim, Lise Kjaer, Wes Kline & Janelle Rebel, Thomas Lail, Evan Larson-Voltz, Patricia Miranda, Julie Ann Nagle, Phil Scorza, Audrey Shakespear

The global COVID-19 pandemic has led to a widespread shift to online learning and a renewed appreciation for the value of education. In this crucial moment, studio art teachers have had to do what many previously thought was close to impossible: teach studio art online. Art School Pedagogy 2.0 seeks to address the pedagogical challenges of studio art teaching pre- and post-pandemic through a sequence of online panels and collaborative workshops.

Organized into three sections, “Teaching Studio Online”, “Art School Cultures”, and “Pedagogy as Mentorship”, the symposium-style course focuses on a diversity of learning environments including K-12, undergraduate, graduate, and community art spaces. An online exhibition, “Art in Isolation” accompanies the symposium.

In these unprecedented times of political turmoil and a worldwide pandemic, women artists continue to lead the way by shedding light on important issues, building bridges, questioning boundaries, and envisioning a better world.

Curated by Andrea Arroyo

View the Exhibition Here

OPENING MARCH 15 (online)
MARCH 18, 7:30 pm – online opening reception
APRIL1, 7:30 pm – online artist talk

participating artists: Kiri Avelar, Vicky Azcoitia, Leenda Bonilla, Lyndell Brookhouse-Gil, Lee Ann Cadiz, Cathleen Campbell, Gal Cohen, Rose Deler, Diane Drescher, Maria Fernandez, Sara (Sally) Fisher, Julann Gebbie, Wilhelmina Grant-Cooper, Karen Greene, Laurence Elle Groux, Selina Hernandez, Julia Justo, Lilia Levin, Jessica Maffia, RoughAcres/RL McKee, Patricia Miranda, Taeesha Muhammad, Rosa Naparstek, Eva Nikolova, Cathy O’Keefe, Sky Pape, Denise Penizzotto, Diana Schmertz, Uniqua Simmons, Yasuyo Tanaka and Cecilia Ines Tavarez

Join the London Calling Collective at Ursa Gallery Wed Jan 27, 6:30pm for a zoom conversation with owners Cris Dam and Dustin Malstrom about pandemic archives, artist families, and how artists create support for one another through thick and thin.

zoom link:

Meeting ID: 974 4462 3482

Passcode: 238332


Meeting ID: 974 4462 3482 Passcode: 238332

Execute Magazine Artist Feature,  Patricia Miranda, Dec 2020

I am honored to announce a solo exhibition of my new lace works, Seeing Red, at ODETTA Gallery Harlem, August 30-September 27. We will have a social distance opening in nearby Marcus Garvey Park-so folks can visit the gallery in small groups.

Upstairs in the gallery I will curate Radical Women, Seeing Red, works from the London Calling Collective. LC Artists: Alexandra Rutsch Brock, Patricia Fabricant, Ellen Hackl Fagan, Katherine Jackson, Patricia Miranda, Josette Urso, Jo Yarrington.

As with all things, contingent on conditions of the day.

ABC No Rio: Speaking Through Masks

A socially-distanced rolling exhibition taking place on Instagram and on the ABC No Rio website.

Summer 2020


Hilary Allison, Keith O. Anderson, Beyonce Armstrong, Alexandra Rutsch Brock, Mike Childs, Ryan Davis, Alexis Duque, Sarah Kanu, Margaret Jacobs, Maria Joranko, Umber Majeed, Patricia Miranda, Lina Puerta, Sa'dia Rehman, Liz Roberts, Bernard Williams, Jo Yarrington

Alexey von Schlippe Gallery at UConn Avery Point

Curated by Charlotte Gray, PhD

Patricia Miranda, Christopher Kaczmarek, Marieken Cochius, Rachel Eng, Eliza Evans, Michael Fadel and Anna Miller, Stephanie Garon and Terry Ingram, Stephen Klema, John Murray and Daniela Stubbs-Leví, Ed Smith


Materiality has been discussed within art discourse for many years, including Kant's idea of the 'Aesthetic Experience', in which he looked to philosophical theory of art and its materials. The Formalist approach of analysing artworks... emphasises the material aspects of art, the way that it has been created, and what was used to create it, as opposed to a narrative-led analysis. Hannah Andrews. website instagram

I was very honored to receive an Anonymous was a Woman Covid19 Relief grant an emergency relief grant program to support artists impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. As with AWAW’s annual award, the program was open to women-identifying visual artists over the age of 40 in the United States and territories, and aims to address the unique challenges faced by artists in middle age or older, particularly at this critical time.

Egg Tempera is luminous paint that emphasizes pure color and fine drawing. An innovative, color-centric and contemporary medium, tempera is ideal for those who love color but hate solvents—it is water-based, fast-drying and optically brilliant. Made with egg yolk and mineral pigments, tempera has the opacity of gouache with the glazing qualities of oil paint. Egg tempera formed the foundation of western painting and offers a strong core for understanding all paint as both formal and conceptual.

This workshop will explore color as physical medium, through the properties, application and optical mixing. Focus is on deepening your individual vision of color as a language for meaning.

Website for Registration

I have also been leading hands-on zoom workshops on grant-writing, artist statements and other professional practice activities for individuals and small groups. Email if you're interested.

The Crit Lab Flat File is live! Introducing an online shop that features work from the amazing community of artists in the Lab. The Crit Lab Flat File will donate 10% of all proceeds to Earth Justice and Color of Change, with plans to expand in future. Visit the File- More artists to be added so check back!

Current FF Artists: Connie Brown, Beth Dary and Sarah Lutz, Jennifer Cadoff, Susan Greer Emmerson, Heide Follin, Rita Klatchkin, Milisa Galazzi, Lori Glavin,Caroline MacMoran, Deborah Peeples, Roohi Saleem, Donna Scarpa, Mitchell Visoky

ODETTA Digital Inaugural Exhibition: Sea Change | Organized and Curated by Ellen Hackl Fagan | Hosted by SHIM Art Network on Artsy


Sea Change Curator’s Notes
Ellen Hackl Fagan, Director
ODETTA Digital

As I finished the 2019 year at ODETTA, having moved the gallery twice due to real estate’s rising costs in New York, I was more aware than ever that I would need to create a new model for ODETTA. I have always experienced joy putting works of art together, orchestrating them, much like composing a painting of my own. This joy was being overshadowed by not seeing a robust collector base developing, in spite of the high quality of the artworks I represented.

Since opening the doors I have seen sweeping changes with more galleries moving online every year. Collectors could now contact artists directly through platforms from art fairs to Instagram. The expertise and esteem for a good art dealer was now bypassed by the rising level of choices available for collectors and artists to get together independently.

I was already strongly considering the next step for the gallery when I was approached by Peter Hopkins of SHIM Art Network.

Recently we became a society that could no longer view exhibitions in person. Overnight the demand for a digital alternative has become our new normal.

The SHIM Art Network offers ODETTA a platform where the gallery can engage its artists within a global registry. The artists’ work will be discoverable in the social ecosystem that includes online marketplaces, social media, and eventually physical spaces. It is understood that the partnership engages both artist and dealer as equals, with sales of works still being managed by the gallery, but at a commission rate that directly benefits the artist.

It is becoming clearer that the need for a signature physical gallery space, that remains at one address to establish the gallery brand, may be a vestige from the past. Minus the constraints of space with a twelve month calendar of exhibitions in a single location, ODETTA Digital aims to increase connectivity for a larger number of artists.

This gives ODETTA and ODETTA Digital the chance to expand the genres of work to include photography and representational art.

This is the sea change in gallery practice that I am referring to in the title for this inaugural exhibition. No one single location, no single calendar, and support from participating artists. I anticipate a robust exchange of talent across the SHIM Art Network platform, and the larger art world, as our artists and dealers begin to collaborate as true partners.

SHIM Art Network is an art exhibition company that fills the gaps in the art world, providing exhibition opportunities to artists, curators, galleries, universities, and other organizations and affiliations with exhibition space for their projects on- and off-line.

Healing and Community Exhibition, curated by Patricia Miranda

Virtual Curator's Walk: Wednesday, May 20, 7:30pm

Artists Talk: Wednesday, May 6, 7:30pm

Watch live or recorded on the www.artstroll.com website.

I am excited to curate this online series of exhibitions for the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NOMAA). This exhibition features 40 artists from uptown.

Healing and Community: Physical to Virtual
curated by Patricia Miranda

Reflection: Art of introspection and meditation
Submission Deadline: April 22, 2020

Artists of all disciplines can apply to one or all three galleries over three deadlines.

The Galleries:

  1. Community: Art as action
  2. Connection: Art that links the self to others
  3. Reflection: Art of introspection and meditation

Art weaves threads of connection across otherwise robust boundaries.
These connections translate into actions that ripple out into the world as culture, through art that reflects, critiques, and celebrates the complicated world we live in. 

In a time of social distancing, art brings us together. We sing across balconies, dance across computer screens, paint and post pictures of the mundane and the extraordinary, the tragic and the comedic. Art connects us when we cannot physically be together, and reminds us of the bonds that make us a community.

Open to artists working or residing in El Barrio, Harlem, Washington Heights or Inwood. Above 110th Street on the West Side (west of 5th Ave) and above 96th Street on the East Side (east of 5th Ave).


Learn best practices plus tips and tricks for submitting digital images for exhibitions. Understand image resolution, guides on what makes a good image, batch sizing and naming files, and curating images to present your work in the best light. Zoom Lecture/demo with time for questions.

Patricia Miranda, a long-time resident of Washington Heights, is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, and educator, and founder of MAPSpace project space and The Crit Lab, professional development and critique for artists. She creates objects and installations using found textile, books, and paper, altered with handmade natural dyes and pigments as form, process, and ecofeminist action.

Magical Spaces, Familiar Places
November 1 -  December 13th, 2019 at Howe Gallery at Kean University, Union, NJ
Artists: David Ambrose, Donna Moran, Riad Miah, Patricia Miranda, Hanna Vogel
Curated by Anna Shukeylo

AMONG  FRIENDS / ENTRE AMIGOS, organized by Alexandra Rutsch Brock, Beth Dary and Patricia Fabricant.
Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center
107 Suffolk Street, between Rivington and Delancey
May 3–5, and 8–12, 2019, 12 to 7 pm

Tinkers, Artists, Innovators: Bricolage 
Rockland Center for the Arts
West Nyack, NY

January 19 - March 30, 2014

Opening Reception
Sunday January 19, 2-5pm

Curated by Patricia Miranda
These artists' works are made from unexpected materials to participatory installations of sound, art and science. All utilize materials in unusual ways and cross disciplines to serve art, creativity and community. These artists look at the discarded and mundane detritus of consumer culture and imagine a better world. 
Bricolage invites us to explore how art helps us think differently and even offers solutions to challenges through creative innovation and ingenuity.

Chris Kaczmarek, Bent Panda
BRICOLAGE Reception Performance with Alpha-Bit
January 19, 3:30pm FREE


ALPHA-BIT is an evolving group of visual, performance and sound artists from the New York City and Lower Hudson area who will use scratch built electronic and circuit bent instruments created by Chris Kaczmarek in this  special  performance. You don't want to miss this!

Performers include: Chris Kaczmarek, Jennifer Perry Shingelo, Steven Lam, Greg Beise, David Wohl

At World Maker Faire 2013, held at the NY Hall of Science, Alchemical Tech was named Editor's Pick by Make Magazine. Maker Faire was a great success and we hope to see you there next year.

Materiality; Contemporary Artists and Their Material World
curated by Kenise Barnes
Westchester Community College
Fine Arts Gallery

with Christine Aaron, Beth Dary, Loren Eiferman, Lorrie Fredette, David Licata, Andrea Lillenthal
Joanne Mattera, Patricia Miranda, Michael Natiello, Christian Nguyen, Jill Parisi, B. Avery Syrig, Tricia Wright, Eleanor White

February 9 - March 23, 2013