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As many of you know, since January I have been in lovely Prato, Italy, just outside Florence, establishing the inaugural Study Abroad program of Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, University of New Haven. Along with eight pioneering students, we are working hard, seeing so much art, eating amazing food, and experiencing the riches of Italy. As an artist and an educator, experiencing Italy with them- most on their first trip abroad, has been a thrilling rollercoaster of fun and art.

So, contact and news has been sparse, as I teach and work and live each day in this beautiful complex place. I hope you will read the student blog I created for my students to share photo essays, artistic, and personal reflections- they are fascinating and sensitive snapshots into their experience.

And, when I finally put pen to paper, I will share my own thoughts on art, history, estrangement and love. 

ProWax Journal
I am so honored to have been interviewed by artist Nancy Natale for ProWax Journal. ProWax is a quarterly journal focusing on artists working in wax and encaustic. Although I don't use wax as a primary medium, my work and teaching has always been deeply engaged with material culture. Nancy and I had a lively exchange from Prato. (her patience with me and schedules and time changes was divine- thanks Nancy!)

And when I return......
I am excited to be involved in several ways with Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill and the Encaustic Conference held there:

I am the juror for the Sense of Place exhibition at Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill, opening in May. I look forward to your submissions. You can find more information about applying here.

I will also offer a Professional Practice talk and hands-on workshop on Tuesday, June 6, 10am-4pm. I'll share lots of resources, hands-on support, and insights into how to keep the business side of being an artist organized and in line with the ethics of your artistic practice.

On July 10-14, 1-4pm,  I will offer a 5-day workshop- Paint Explorations with Natural Dyes and Pigments, which I led last year for the first time and it was a blast.

I hope to see you in Cape Cod!  And feel free to email me here in Prato...

Above image- doilies dyed with cochineal insect dye at I-Park.
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