Thank you!

To all those generous folks who have been sending me lace. (and occasionally other surprises like pigments). I am always awed by the generosity and thoughtfulness of artists. These contributions are now part of the story of the work, and will be included in any exhibition info. (pictures to come shortly)

For Lace!

Thank you to:

Meg Pierce, who sent an enormous box of lace early on in the Lamentations project, which seemed to really inspire others.


Karen Kalkstein


and Christine Aaron


Who gave me lace before it occurred to me to take pictures...

Heide Follin


Lace from the Dresden Lace Mill/Norwalk, CT- changed name to Norwalk Lace Mill once WWII started. That building now is Firing Circuits artist studios.

Jacki Loreio


Salvatore Marasa

nona Marianna Maisano Marasa

from Borgetto, Sicilia

Jodi Colella


Suzan Shutan


Jill London & Paul Newell



Cindy MacCollum


Susan Ernst


Mary Mattei

Chip Rutan

For Pigments!

Anne Lockwood